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Collective experience gained from eight years in Afghanistan solidifies 16 Air Assault Brigade's resolve for third tour of Helmand
Brig James Chiswell

Cool reflection: Brig James Chiswell MC

Having been there, done that and got the tee-shirt four times in Afghanistan, 16 Air Assault Brigade should be well prepared for a third visit to Helmand in October.

Speaking from Salisbury Plain, Brig James Chiswell, who will deploy as 16 Air Assault Brigade Commander, told MoDOracle the collective experience had been "really telling" in the pre-deployment training.

"We’ve had to prepare before, we’ve got a sense of how we should do that and just by having a sprinkling of old hands in this business has just raised the game we have found in terms of our preparations."

But there have been many changes to the battlefield since the fierce fighting of 2006 and the increasing threat of IEDs in 2008. Although Brig Chiswell was clear that the deaths of three British soldiers at the hands of a rogue Afghan National Army soldier this week would not daunt the troops resolve to support the ANA, they nevertheless face a huge task of building confidence in an embattled Afghan people.

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